Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I'm back...I think

OK...I'm just going to start writing.  For some reason I've spent way too much time contemplating where to start since it's been a while since my last blog.  I'm not going to worry about my grammer or spelling (fingers crossed that blogger picks up the obvious!) As my good friend Mary told me...just start!  I tend to listen to Mary a lot!  She's good like that :-)

Let me give you a quick update...

We have a new addition to the family.  Mallory Grace arrived on 8/10/12 and apparently will be 5 months old pretty soon.  I'm really not sure where the time went.


Oh...we Chattanooga...and live on a mountain.  It's slowing starting to sink in that we are here...maybe because I was in a pregnancy blur.  We moved 20 days after having Mallory.  Don't worry...Mallory didn't do any heavy lifting.  We basically joined the witness protection program for a while.  I got a new address, phone number AND e-mail.  It's really not that hard to fall off the face of the earth.


I love this picture...Carter looks like he's been holding babies his whole life.

Carter is loving being a big brother.  Just a second ago I was putting Mallory down for the night and he came running in and gave the sleeping baby a kiss and pat saying "sweet dreams."  How mad can you really get at a big brother being so sweet. 

Ok...I did it.  I sat down and started somewhere.  Those who know me...also know that I don't always think or talk in a straight we won't worry about timelines.  If you get a story from "the other day" that could be referencing something that happened 3 years ago.  Just roll with it and enjoy the story or picture.

Do you think I should read this over? Or just hit post? 

Thanks for checking in!


Tuesday, November 1, 2011



Carter really got Halloween this year.  At least the whole treat part!  He really liked the "next house" concept :-)  I had fun with the outfits...there was a split second where I thought I should join in on the fun...and then it quickly passed!! My boys looked super cute!




While Andrew and I were chatting with neighbors...Carter was hoping back on his "motorcycle" and heading towards the next house.  He pedaled for quite a while...the Man with the Yellow Hat ended up carrying the little monkey home once it got dark. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Finding a good home

This week Carter and I gave up some fish for adoption.

It was quite and adventure trying to catch the fish.  The all were too big for their tank and almost too big for my net!   I first called the local fish store to see if they were accepting trade ins.  Then Carter and I had some splash zone moments trying to get the fish out of the tank and into the bag.  Carter is pretty good at cleaning up spills and even advanced to the towel under each foot method!  So I get to the fish store…and it’s closed!  The hours are 12-8!!  I had called @ 10 so I know they were at the store.  So now I’m standing outside the store with three fish in a bag and a two year old.  I saw someone in the back and start knocking on the door…even Carter joins in.  Then it hits me that I have a cell phone! Dhur! I call the store and the man who I talked to earlier lets me in.  Whew!  The bala sharks find a nice home in a beautiful corner tank.  Poor Jack Jack doesn’t get a nice tank…but he’s the biggest fish and that’s not a bad deal in the cichlid world!

Carter made sure to say bye to Jack Jack…I think he understood that he wasn’t come back home with us…but just in case…I told the man we might be back for Jack Jack!

Stay tuned to see what fish we decide to add to the tank! Did I mention that we got $30 in store credit? Not bad!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Knitting update

Loving this cooler weather.  We have it pretty good right now…it’s 100 in Houston and already 60 in Chicago.  I thought I’d take some time to show off some of my knitting.  I have two fabulous sweaters and a sassy cape to add to my fall/winter wardrobe.

Tea Leaves

Tea Leaves detail

Dark and Stormy

Dark and Stormy detail

I also uploaded some more pictures from our Myrtle Beach trip last month and have thrown in a family picture.  I’m torn between picking the picture where I look good or the picture where Carter looks good. Poor Andrew is third of the list of priorities.  Good thing he always looks good J

 PS. I figured out how to flip pictures thanks to Mary!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Carter's first day at school

Carter started preschool today…so I thought this would be a good first post…plus…now I have 3 hours to myself to compose my random thought and post a blog.

My good friends had a little party for me while Carter was at school.  Good friends, coffee, mimosa and knitting always make for a great time!

Notice that Carter has his school bag ready...and I have my knitting bag. We are both prepared!

Can't seem to figure out how to flip the pictures! Just turn your head for now.

PS. It helps if you clean the camera lense before you take the pictures!